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Inspired by the ancient concept of Advaita (Non Duality)

The School's philosophy courses are inspired by the ancient concept of Advaita, but embrace a wide range of philosophers, thinkers and writers. For those interested in exploring these ideas, the School offers introductory philosophy courses in most counties in Ireland. For many, this is as far as their interest takes them. For others who want to know more, the School offers further classes to study more deeply.

The principle of "learn and teach"

In a spirit of enquiry, the School encourages an exploration of philosophical principles based on personal experience. Emphasis is placed on putting the knowledge gained from philosophical inquiry into practice, rather than allowing it to remain as an academic exercise. On the principle of "learn and teach", tutors are appointed on the basis of their knowledge and practical experience as students in the School.

No exams!

The classes are and have always been conducted orally and there are no written examinations or certificates. They take place in groups that meet weekly during three terms each year, corresponding with the normal academic year.

Voluntary basis

It is an important principle that no remuneration is received for tutoring in the School; fees paid by students provide the main contribution towards the general costs of running the organisation and providing and maintaining its buildings. The funding of special projects are sometimes augmented by donations.

A range of courses

Today almost 1,200 people attend the school on a weekly basis. While practical philosophy plays the major part in the school's work, other groups have been formed to study music, Plato, Sanskrit, calligraphy, economics, and mathematics. More recently, courses have been offered on parenting, marriage and family.

All are welcome

The School is not exclusive, and its students include followers of the world's great religions - and many who follow no religion at all. The School seeks not only to raise the intellectual understanding of its students but also encourages them to put what they have learned into practice.


In 1985 John Scottus School was founded in Dublin by some parents attending the philosophy courses to offer traditional education grounded in philosophy to boys and girls. The primary and secondary schools are dedicated to using philosophy in education, developing the inner as well as the outer person, and looking for balance between the body, mind and spirit in raising a reasonable and harmonious being.

A Registered Charity

The School of Philosophy & Economic Science is a voluntary association with charitable status (CHY5791). The School is staffed and cared for almost entirely on a volunteer basis, without remuneration, by the School's own students, other than two administrative staff who are paid.

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