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The School is a registered educational charity with the specific objectives referred to earlier. In practical terms it has two aspects: the tutorial side concerned with all the courses, studies and activities that are offered, which is the reason for its existence, and the organisational side which is concerned with the provision of tutorial facilities, legal and regulatory compliance, administration and day-to-day running generally.

All tutorial aspects are led by the senior tutor, who decides the direction and content of course material and studies, deals with the appointment of tutors and other related matters.

On the organisational side the legally constituted body is known as the Association of the School of Philosophy & Economic Science, made up of some 75 male and female senior students.

At its annual general meeting the Association elects a Principal, a Treasurer and five other members to form an Executive Committee for the purpose of conducting the business of the Association and ensuring the provision of all necessary facilities to enable the work of the School to proceed as smoothly as possible.

The Association and the Executive Committee are bound by its constitution, known as the written ‘Rules of Association’.

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