Practical Philosophy Introductory Course (Part 1)

What is Practical Philosophy?

Practical Philosophy explores the meaning of wisdom, truth and consciousness and the real nature of the human being.

It draws from the great philosophical teachings of the East and West to help us enjoy a deeper understanding of ourselves, our world and mankind.

Why Explore Practical Philosophy?

Practical Philosophy offers students an effective and novel approach to the great questions of life: Who am I? How can I be truly happy? How can I be at peace? What is the purpose of my life? How may I realise my full potential?


Philosophical study yields real answers to real questions and helps us to:

  • Enjoy high self esteem and real confidence
  • Eliminate fear and negativity from our lives
  • Understand myself and the world more
  • Raise our level of awareness
  • Realise our true purpose
  • Discover a deeper peace and stillness within
  • Be content and free from stress
  • Experience harmonious relationships
  • Connect with the limitless source of energy


Our study of Practical Philosophy begins with a 10 week Introductory Course (called 'Part 1') and then continues forward with additional 10 week terms for those who wish to explore further. The 2-hour classes are filled with lively discussions and the spirit of inquiry. There is a half hour break for refreshments where students get to know each other and share experiences.

The Introductory Course offers an entirely practical approach to the study and practice of philosophical principles. The course is for everyone regardless of race, education, occupation, age, culture and religion. No prior knowledge is needed - simply a desire to examine life and enjoy it more fully.

In the first session of the Introductory Course a very simple practice is given to enable students to begin to connect with a deeper peace and stillness within themselves and also observe more clearly the state of their own mind and emotions. For those who decide to continue their study beyond the Introductory Course, meditation is offered in the fourth term. Students wishing to take up meditation earlier may do so.

Read about the Syllabus


10 Week Term

Week 1Practical Philosophy - that which helps us to live truly and happily. How to act wisely and with confidence in all circumstances. Mindfulness exercise 1.
Week 2Self-Knowledge - the key to wisdom. Being true to ourselves. Mindfulness in all situations.
Week 3Awareness - the key to self-knowledge. Awakening to reality. The spirit of enquiry. Accessing the stillness within.
Week 4Living in the present. The 4 states of attention. Mindfulness exercise 2.
Week 5Living justly. The 6 tyrants within us. Overcoming anger and fear.
Week 6Developing reason in ourselves. Experiencing deeper levels of being. Stillness and realising our potential.
Week 7In truth, who am I? Understanding your own nature. The unchanging observer. Mindfulness exercise 3.
Week 8The 3 energies of the universe. The transendental Self. Discovering true freedom.
Week 9The energies and their effect on body, mind and heart. The proper use of attention. The 3 states of love. Mindfulness exercise 4.
Week 10The desire for truth. The way ahead. Living mindfully.


The Practical Philosophy Introductory Course (called Part 1) runs for 10 to 12 weeks (depending on the term) and is offered in branches nationwide during the Autumn, Winter and Spring terms beginning during early September, January and April respectively. Each session lasts about two hours, with a break for refreshments. Classes are from 7.30 to 9.30 in the evenings and from 10.00 to 12.00 on mornings where available.



Introductory Classes held at:
         49 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Lecture repeated during the week on
      Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 7.30pm - 9.30pm
      and on
      Tuesday and Saturday mornings - 10.00am - 12.00pm
Next Introductory Course starts week beginning: Tuesday 16 January 2018

Tel: 1800-324-556


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Course Details

Duration: 11 Weeks

Each session lasts about two hours, with a break for refreshments. Classes are from 7.30 to 9.30 in the evenings, except where stated otherwise, and from 10.00 to 12.00 on mornings where available. In Dublin the same course is offered each evening of the week and on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Next Course

Courses start in September, January and April. See starting dates, times & locations for all branches nationwide.


See starting dates, times & locations for all branches nationwide.

Dublin address: 49 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.




Fee for one term €80 (or Stg£70 for Northern Ireland).


Enrol on-line using the link below OR before the lecture on first day of attendance.

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