Practical Philosophy Introductory Course Nationwide Week Commencing 18th September 2017

Those seeking an understanding of our existence and the world in which we live are invited to attend a 10 week course in practical philosophy which shows that there is an underlying unity to everything and that this holds the key to a happy, fulfilling and peaceful life.
Introductory Course Term Fee: €80
What is Practical Philosophy?

Enrol in the Introductory Course €80

Why Philosophy? An explanation:

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10 week course content

Week 1

Practical Philosophy - that which helps us to live truly and happily. How to act wisely and with confidence in all circumstances. Mindfulness exercise 1.

Week 2

Self-Knowledge - the key to wisdom. Being true to ourselves. Mindfulness in all situations.

Week 3

Awareness - the key to self-knowledge. Awakening to reality. The spirit of enquiry. Accessing the stillness within.

Week 4

Living in the present. The 4 states of attention. Mindfulness exercise 2.

Week 5

Living justly. The 6 tyrants within us. Overcoming anger and fear.

Week 6

Developing reason in ourselves. Experiencing deeper levels of being. Stillness and realising our potential.

Week 7

In truth, who am I? Understanding your own nature. The unchanging observer. Mindfulness exercise 3.

Week 8

The 3 energies of the universe. The transendental Self. Discovering true freedom.

Week 9

The energies and their effect on body, mind and heart. The proper use of attention. The 3 states of love. Mindfulness exercise 4.

Week 10

The desire for truth. The way ahead. Living mindfully.

Each weekly session lasts 2 hours, including refreshment break. Enrol online today.

Selection of CDs available

Now available:
Philosophy & Acceptance
Philosophy & Unleashing Your Creativity

Philosophy and Unleashing Your Creativity

This talk examines the true nature of creativity and how to develop it.

Current List of Lectures available on CD

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Cultural Day 2017
Sat 11 November only
Admission: €50

10 Week Course
Starting Monday 2nd Oct

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Saturday Mornings with Socrates and Plato
Course of 8 lectures and discussions
Guest speaker week 9 (2nd December)
Starting 7th October at 10am
on Plato's Republic


Practical Philosophy Introductory Course starting in ....

  • DUBLIN - 49 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4
  • DUBLIN NORTH - Hilton Dublin Airport Hotel
  • DUBLIN SOUTH - Rochestown Lodge Hotel
  • BELFAST Wellington Park Hotel
  • CARLOW - The Parish Centre, College St.
  • CORK - 18 Anglesea Street
  • DROGHEDA - City North Hotel
  • DUNDALK - Carlton House, Dublin Street
  • ENNIS - Clare Educational Centre, Kilrush Road
  • GALWAY - Raven Terrace, Fr. Griffin Road
  • GOREY - Ashdown Hotel
  • KILKENNY - Butler House, 16 Patrick Street
  • L'DERRY - St. Columbs Park House
  • LETTERKENNY - Northwest Training Centre
  • LIMERICK - 67 Catherine Street
  • LONGFORD - Longford Arms Hotel
  • MONAGHAN - Four Seasons Hotel
  • NAAS - 2A Crofton Court
  • NAVAN - Newgrange Hotel
  • SLIGO - Glasshouse Hotel
  • TRALEE - The Rose Hotel
  • TULLAMORE - Tullamore Court Hotel (starting 26 Sep)
  • WATERFORD - 1 George's Street
  • WESTPORT - Hotel Westport


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