Practical Parenting The Challenging Years (10-16 years)

Practical Parenting in the challenging years (10 to 16 years).

The real question is not what is your child going to do but what sort of a man/woman are they going to be?

Course Content

  • 1. The two great influences; Love and Discipline; stages in growth to adulthood
  • 2. Awakening of reason in the young person; setting up the young person for independent life
  • 3. Power of society over the young person; effective conversations and the relevance of sanctions
  • 4. Developing character; the six defects of character; cultivating strength of mind; house rules
  • 5. How to listen and speak for good communication between parent and son/daughter
  • 6. Internet, 'Screens' and managing safe/sensible use
  • 7. Relationships and sex: what is important?
  • 8. Drugs and Alcohol
  • 9. Managing Choices in relation to 3rd Level, and careers.
  • 10.Reflections on Problem solving, building a great relationship, and creating harmony in the family

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Course Details


Ten weeks.


49 Northumberland Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

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Next course September 2015




Single €80, couple €120.
Existing philosophy students and JSS parents: €40.
Concessions are available for anyone with a genuine difficulty paying the full fee. All such requests will be discreetly managed and warmly received on enrolment.


Advance booking may be required for morning classes; not required for evening classes.
Enrolment takes place fifteen minutes before the lecture on the first day of your attendance.

To enrol online, please follow this link:

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